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A young girl from the community of Ciudad Romero, having her height measured as part of a series of medical investigations carried out by the 'Nefrolempa' health team into the high incidence of chronic renal failure in the region.<br />
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Ciudad Romero, Bajo Lempa, El Salvador. 2011.<br />
The 'Nefrolempa' research project is a collaboration between the El Salvador Ministry of Health, the Nephrology Institute of Cuba's Ministry for Public Health and the United Bajo Lempa Committee Association. The aim of the project is to investigate the reasons for the high levels of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) suffered by the communities within the Bajo Lempa region. It is exploring whether the use of agrochemicals might be a factor in the prevalence of the disease.<br />
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Medical team: Dr Elsy Brizuela de Jimenez, Directora Unidad de Salud. Miriam Colindres, Nurse. Maria Eraida Velasquez, clinic and laboratory worker. Ecuilia Castro Peraza, Nutritionist. Veronica Contreras, Education for health. Guadelupe Nunez, Psychologist. Luis Diaz General support worker. Dr Raul Herrera Valdes, Nefrologo, Cuba. Dr Miguel Almaguer Lopez, Nefrologo Cuba. Dr Carlos Orantes, Salvadorean Nefrologist. Dr Juan Carlos Awaya, Salvadorean Nefrologist.